Sunday, August 9, 2009

Overnight Guest: Pot Pie

  • I have a long love with Pot Pies. Those found in my Irish bakeries of youth, or those frozen fatty delights in the freezer section. I just can't help myself. I've had the craving for a while now and a simple trip to buy Pie Dough was all it took. Mind you, I went looking for Filo Dough to put on top, BUT my store was completely out. I obviously wasn't up to the challenge to go some where else to find them.
Here is what I had laying around:

Chicken Breasts- 2, Cubed
Large can of Chicken Broth
Large stalks of Celery- 3, Diced
Large White Onion, Diced Chucky
Carrots- 3, Skinned and Sliced
Half of a small bag of Frozen Veggie Medley (Carrot, Pea, Corn, Green Beans)
Green Onion- 3 stalks, Diced
Potato, Diced
2 Tbsp Corn Starch
Package of two Frozen Pie Crusts
Spring Form Pan or Pie Dish (I used a pie dish)
Poultry Seasoning (or simply Sage)
Salt & Pepper
Onion Powder

  1. I start overnight. By overnight I mean just before bed around midnight. I check on it twice about the same time the baby is up for food. If you have no such schedule, and you want it slow cooked, use a cock pot and NOT a stove.
  2. Add Chicken Broth to a large pot with Celery, White Onion, Raw Carrot, and spices. Let simmer with lid for about 30 mins.
  3. Cut Chicken and add to pot. Reduced heat to low and cook overnight.
  4. Turn heat to Med-High and keep at a slow boiling point. Let reduce about 20+ mins. The contents of the pot should be jutting out of the broth. (I make mine with more vegetables and meat than sauce. if you like sauce portion out your contents and leave more broth in the pot.)
  5. Reduce heat and add Frozen Veggies and Green Onion. Add Corn starch to thicken for 5 mins. It should look a bit like thick soup.
  6. Line the pie dish with thawed Pie Crust. Bake bottom only according to the box. Mine said 400*F. for about 5 mins until it has a nice firm body to the crust.
  7. Pour in pie filling. Cover with the other thawed pie crust. Pinch, fork, or manipulate the crusts to lock together however you like. Bake for 30 mins at 400*F. If your edges start to brown faster than your pie top, cover the crust's edge around the pie with aluminium foil.


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